The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (2024)

Being a live-service title, Fortnite players will eventually find themselves scrambling for thousands of additional XP in order to get the current season’s Battle Pass rewards before they disappear. Although its battle royale challenges can surely help in this instance, there is no greater method for boosting your level in record time than heading to Creative maps that grant plenty of XP in seconds. Here are the best map codes for XP in Fortnite, counting down to the greatest of all.

What are the best map codes for earning XP in Fortnite?

10) 707 Level Deathrun

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (1)
  • Code: 8630-1873-5089
  • Creator: fhsupport

If you are a fan of Creative’s deathrun genre, 707 Level Deathrun will become a promising place to level up at any time. That is because the content-packed map rewards players with over 10,000 XP each time 10 levels are completed, and almost every portion of this Creative island is fairly easy to get through. That said, deathrun experts can even anticipate earning over 30,000 XP when they manage to stay alive for extended periods of time.

9) Down Free For All

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (2)
  • Code: 1782-2078-2053
  • Creator: Candook

Players desiring to train with the current season’s latest weaponry should turn their attention to Down Free For All. The creation lets players build a loadout consisting of any unvaulted guns and tools and then drop onto a 12-player free-for-all that holds limitless materials. Although it works wonders for training, Down Free For All can aid in speeding you through the Battle Pass as well, as 5,000 XP is given with each elimination made.

8) Ultimate Mars 1v1

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (3)
  • Code: 7226-4998-8494
  • Creator: fhocks

Ultimate Mars 1v1 is exactly as advertised, providing lone gunners an arena set far out in space — but that is not what has made it so popular. The map has become known to be an excellent way to level up, as it rewards players XP through various methods. For one, massive XP bonuses are granted when at least a total of 12 minutes have been played on the map, while another big bonus is given once you have traveled more than 3,000 meters. Although that may sound like a lot of moving, Ultimate Mars 1v1 hands visitors jetpacks and grappling hooks to make the challenge fly by.

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7) The Pit Free For All

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (4)
  • Code: 4590-4493-7113
  • Creator: Geerzy

Similar to Down Free For All, The Pit Free For All throws players into a wild shootout with limitless building materials and offers 5,000 XP per elimination. However, some veterans may discover this map to be the best route for leveling up, as it lets players add almost any weapon to their inventory. Best of all, those who top the leaderboards will be given coins that can then be bought on health mods or Mythic and Exotic weapons, furthering their chances of leveling up fast.

6) ZWS Trios

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (5)
  • Code: 3524-6895-7547
  • Creator: spankysully

ZWS Trios is a massive box fight that is such a blast, you may not even notice the thousands of XP you will be earning in the process. Its ruleset consists of four teams attempting to box each other inside the storm, and the weapons you collect will only be available to shoot once the final storm moves in. As for how it helps level you up, 10,000 XP is rewarded every five minutes you play the experience, while the winning team each round will also gain an additional 9,000 XP bonus.

5) Ultimate Gun Game

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (6)
  • Code: 9001-1974-4652
  • Creator: M_T2

Ultimate Gun Game is a 12-player free-for-all creation that tosses XP bonuses to anyone who can achieve an elimination. Of course, like most XP maps, the island even bears a secret tunnel that leads to thousands of more XP As shown above, players can hit a button that feeds around 100 XP per second until you leave the map. Though, considering its generous reward, players may not want to use this often if they want to avoid being banned from competitive play.

4) Cradoc Impossible Trickshot Map

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (7)
  • Code: 7708-1048-4537
  • Creator: Crado

Despite sounding like a great practice map, Cradoc Impossible Trickshot Map is actually an island that’s sole purpose is to lend you XP. Once you’ve entered in its code, run straight down its hall and tap on the “AFK XP” button to be sent to a bouncy house. You will then be rewarded 100 XP for each jump made in the house, and there are even bonuses for those who decide to jump around for minutes on end. Alternatively, you can also search for coins around its building and sell every 10 you find for 10,000 XP.

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3) Zombieland

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (8)
  • Code: 9369-6922-8408
  • Creator: Atomic

Some XP-centric maps are simply made for leveling up and don’t give players a quality experience. Thankfully, you can find both in Zombieland, a survival map that tasks you with eliminating endless waves of various monsters. While half the thrill is discovering stronger weapons around its map, the most enticing part of Zombieland is earning 20,000 XP bonuses from each of the Christmas presents lying out across the map — all but ensuring you jump a few levels in no time.

2) Pro 1000

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (9)
  • Code: 1125-3213-5406
  • Creator: Wow-Kordell

On the surface, Pro 1000 is your standard Team Deathmatch map that pits two teams against each other to duke it out in the middle of a yacht. However, the island ranks as one of the best XP maps for the rewards it gives to those who unlock its secret door. This door can be located in the center of the map and can be opened after collecting 800 coins from opponents. Once that’s done, you can break open the door in return for 5,000 XP — and this can be done multiple times in a single match.

1) Troll Bed Wars

The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (10)
  • Code: 9783-9810-3294
  • Creator: fhsupport

Troll Bed Wars is a spin-off of a Roblox title of the same name. Four teams of players will be challenged with building bridges to opponents’ beds across the map and destroying the beds to ensure enemies cannot respawn until the next round. More importantly, the creation grants anywhere from 2,000 to 25,000 XP whenever you purchase weapons or upgrades for your team’s bed. This arguably makes Troll Bed Wars the greatest map for farming XP, as we were able to jump more than six levels after playing just one match.

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The 10 best Fortnite XP map codes (2024)


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