RV for Sale in Tucson, AZ $33,500 (ID: 5381841) (2024)

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  • 1993 8' T
  • Year1993
  • Model8' T
  • Price:$33,500
  • Year:1993
  • Model:8' T
  • Property ID:5381841
  • Partner ID:5031516367
  • Posted On:Apr 23, 2024
  • Updated On:Apr 23, 2024

RV for Sale in Tucson, AZ $33,500 (ID: 5381841) (1)

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RV Description

Classic OBS 1992 FORD Crew Cab F 350 4x4 & 1993 BIGFOOT 8’ T Camper Both are in excellent condition and ready to travel. TRUCK - 7.5 L Gas 460 with 170,560 miles. This is an Arizona vehicle and has NO RUST. The unit was in storage for ten years and has subsequently been inspected and prepared for travel. Recent compression check showed 140 all cylinders. New- master cylinder and flush, rear brakes shoes and axel seals, L & R tie rod ends, drag link, center link, steering gear, wheel alignment. Drives fantastic. New- Monroe front and rear spring assist shocks, oxygen sensor and EGR valve. New- Optima red top battery, passenger window motor assembly, fuel tank switch and dash. 17 gallons front and 15 rear. Front and rear differential fluid change service. New- Kenwood-Sirius AM FM CD BT. New- Firstech keyless security alarm system and Visionworks wireless rear camper mounted camera. Chrome Alcoa Rims with recent Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 265-16 tires. Chrome brush guard, front and rear bumpers with trailer hitch and brake controller. Continental Accessories running boards. New- Weather Tech front and rear mats, windshield sun protector and quilten seat covers. The interior looks brand new. Never smoked in and no pet hair. One slight right rear quarter panel scrape is the only body damage.This truck drives like a dream and looks very cool. The OBS FORDS are in high demand and are very reliable and easy to work on compared with new trucks.
BIGFOOT CAMPER 8T Rare, 4 Season, 990 pounds, 6'4" inside clearance. Lots of storage. NEW -Dometic refrigerator, stove top, furnace circuit board, toilet (11.7 gal holding tank), instant hot water heater, GE window A/C unit. Previous owner replumbed with marine grade fixtures and rewired the entire camper and added a lithium battery system, LED lighting, USB charging ports and fantastic fan. Outside shower, Torqlift fast gun tie downs, manual camper jacks, foam inserts for window insulation. This matching Colonial White pair is unique and a classic to be sure. If this is your style, you will understand the value. $33,500 for both. Not interested in splitting them up and don’t need any help selling. Tucson, Arizona.
Ford F 350 F-350 F 250 F-250 4X4 Four Wheel Drive Camper RV Bigfoot 4 Season Four Season Overlander Tiger Earthcruiser Earthroamer Lance
Hunting Fishing Skiing Camping Why spend $110K

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RV for Sale in Tucson, AZ $33,500 (ID: 5381841) (2024)


Are RVs cheaper in Arizona? ›

With an abundance of RV dealers, parks, rentals, and campgrounds, there's something for everyone. But the real advantage of RVing in Arizona is the affordability. Whether you're looking to purchase an RV or stay in a resort, you're likely to find lower prices here than in other states.

What state is the cheapest to register an RV? ›

South Dakota

South Dakota is another state that is often mentioned as a tax-friendly option for RV owners. Like Montana, South Dakota has no sales tax, which can save you a lot of money on a new RV purchase. Additionally, South Dakota has relatively low registration fees, and there is no annual property tax on RVs.

Where is the RV model number located? ›

Manufacturers will place the model somewhere on the body. Usually, it is near the driver's seat. Often it is on a plate or tag on the driver's door or near the pedals. Monaco Coach placed a tag on the wall behind the driver's seat.

What time of year are RV prices the lowest? ›

What's the best month to buy a used motorhome or travel trailer? On average, motorhomes and travel trailers are at their cheapest at the end of the year. You can also benefit from good deals in the neighboring months of November and February — after the high season ends and before the next spring season starts up.

Is it legal to live in an RV in Arizona? ›

Living in an RV on your property in Arizona is possible, but it depends on zoning regulations and permits.

What states have no RV tax? ›

What States Have No Sales Tax on RVs. There are currently five states that have no sales tax at all. These are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. The states with the lowest combined state and local sales tax rates are Hawaii, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Maine.

What is the sales tax on an RV in Arizona? ›

Arizona sales tax details

The Arizona (AZ) state sales tax rate is currently 5.6%.

Does an RV qualify as a primary residence? ›

The IRS allows taxpayers to designate one residence only as a main home at any one time. Your main home is the one where you ordinarily live most of the year. This can be a boat or RV even if it doesn't have a permanent location.

What type of RV holds value? ›

Like all vehicles, RVs depreciate over time. You can determine an RVs depreciation by the vehicle's age, mileage, wear and tear, and the type of RV you own. Class A and Class B vehicles depreciate similarly, while Class C RVs depreciate more slowly and hold value slightly better.

Can you Kelley Blue Book an RV? ›

Find the Value of a Used RV

You can even apply for financing online to save some time. Though Kelly Blue Book doesn't let you check prices, you can see what an RV motorhome for sale is worth through J.D. Power and other sources before you shop.

Is there a kelley blue book value for used RVs? ›

There is no RV Blue Book value system for RV's, but you can use an online valuation tool like NADA.com, or a service like NationalVehicle.com to find the private sale value. There are many factors to determine your RV's worth, such as make, model, year, condition, features, and the current market condition.

What do the letters in RV stand for? ›

If you want to know “what does RV stand for?” – RV stands for Recreational Vehicle (RV), which comes in the form of, either, a motorhome or a trailer.

Can I look up an RV by VIN number? ›

carVertical VIN lookup allows you to check the history of any RV, learn a lot of valuable information, and decide if a vehicle is worth the bargain. You need to enter an RV's VIN number on the carVertical platform to see past damages, mileage rollbacks, registration changes, technical specifications, photos, and more.

What does the number on RV mean? ›

While searching, you might think, “what do these numbers at the end of the RV name mean?” Each RV has numbers and letters that tell you about that model. It is kind of like telling you the floorplan type, square footage or length of the vehicle, and the features.

Where is the cheapest state to buy an RV? ›

The cheapest state to buy an RV is apparently Arizona, Texas, or Florida. But that's just purchase price & there are other expensive factors to consider… 1 The cheapest state to buy an RV is apparently Arizona, Texas, or Florida. But that's just purchase price & there are other expensive factors to consider…

What is the tax on an RV in Arizona? ›

The state use tax rate is 5.6%. There is no county use tax in Arizona. City use tax rates vary by city and are listed in our TPT Tax Rate Tables on our website under “Transaction Privilege Tax”, then “Rates and Deduction Codes.” You can also look up the rate on our Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Look Up Tool.

Which state has lowest sales tax on RVs? ›

The easiest way to avoid paying sales tax on a pricey RV is to buy and register it in one of the states that doesn't have a general sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. However, most states don't register the vehicles of just anyone who comes along; registrants usually must be residents.

What is the best state to own an RV? ›

Arizona, Florida, and Texas are the cheapest place to purchase an RV if the buying price is the only consideration. These three are popular domicile states for full-time RVers. You can find great deals whether buying brand-new or used campers, especially during summer when they are readily available.


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