▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (2024)

For a little black boy haircut, there are many choices to make. You can opt for eccentric styles that give a lot of style, but also, shorter and worked, more discreet and refined hairstyles. There are many ways to cut the hair of small black and mixed-race children to bring class or charm to their hairstyle, depending on demand.This year shows us many modern hairstyles!

Modern Haircuts for Little Black Boy

Globally, when it comes to haircuts for children with black skin, we often have a combination of work on the anterior texture, as well as particular attention to gradation and contours. It is also possible to create an original look by retouching the top or working on the curls of the hair.

The gradient can also be artistically treated by adding contours and geometric lines with the cut.

To give you some ideas about what a modern haircut might look like for a young black or mixed child, here are 22 examples that might inspire you.

The best hairstyles for Black Boys

Are you getting inspiration for your child’s hairstyle? Discover our selection of hairstyles for black and mixed-race children!

You certainly know your little prince’s frizzy hair is a BOOM! This allows for a variety of hairstyles. But because hair is often short, the choice of cuts is less varied than for girls. However, take care of your child’s natural hair from an early age so that it can grow properly and healthily. Also avoid straightening, which weakens the hair.

Cornrows or mats stuck together, afro or shaved cut, dreadlocks…. Discover all the ideal hairstyles for your children with frizzy hair! Don’t hesitate to dare to be original by making beautiful contours and choosing hairstyles that match your child’s personality.

Waves + Low Fade

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Working with waves, the cut has here, a finish that allows to have a progressive gradient, and the waves well aligned at the top. The cut is perfect for very short hair, it gives the final look, a lot of freshness.

Waves on 360°

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The 360° waves give this hairstyle many dimensions. This version must be carefully carved in order to have perfect undulations.

Fade to Blank

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This cut keeps the small curls on top. On the sides, there is a very high white gradation that lets perceive the scalp above and behind the ears.

Fade With Mini Afro

This perfect cut is just long enough to give a rounded finish to the gradation. Added to this is the work on the forehead where the contours are perfectly drawn.

Short hair – Light Fade

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This cut is ideal for very short hair and retro style. To keep the look, it is necessary to always have short sides, but also, a medium gradient and not too short.

Curly hair with Design

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Here, the cut is also short, but you have to keep a small length at the top to have the curls at the top. As for the sides, they are worked in arc-shaped gradations that fade away.

Short Twist Sponge

▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (8)

In this cut we have more length at the top and a touch of torsion sponge for the finish.

Fade Hi – Lo

▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (9)

This is a cool haircut that’s very trendy right now. On the top, we have a small well cut afro, rather long, on which we added a little coloring. As for the sides, we chose a high gradient with a wavy line that ends behind the nape of the neck.

Fohawk – Dye

▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (10)

Here, we take the example of this hairstyle which is very cool. With a very bold color for the tip of your hair, with a short finish of fohawk – mohican.

Curls + Gradient at temples

▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (11)

This cut is a modern version of a retro style brought up to date. The gradients at the temples are light and the contours perfectly worked.

Big Flat Top

Here, we have a hair that has a lot of height, with a totally flat top.

Long Curls + Skate

▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (12)

This one will certainly not go unnoticed by the child. At the top, we have curly hair of constant length. A gradient on the top side that extends to the nape of the neck. Add a stripe to add style to this already amazing hairstyle.

The best haircuts for black kids

There are many ways to comb the hair of black and mixed-race children. They can opt for a natural style with a smooth length shortcut and simple contours. Or play it in the’70s with the classic Afro classic we all know.

But there are also dreadlocks, curls, waves, gradients and more. If you have a small black or mixed child and want to update your hairstyle, you will find this list very useful. With many examples of hairstyles, as we have already shown you with a list of 22 haircuts for black and mixed-race children.

Types of hairstyles for black children

You will find here the most fashionable and fashionable hairstyles for black and mestizo men, from FroHawk to buzzing cut, via waves, you will not be disappointed.

The high top

You can opt for a classic haircut with the High Top. This very popular haircut in the 90’s, after a brief disappearance, she returned to fashion. It’s a high cut at the top with short sides. Will Smith, with the famous series «The Prince of Bel-Air», is one of the people who made this cup popular all over the world.

The height of the upper pile will depend on the individual as some prefer it very high while others like it at a reasonable height. There are different ways to shape the top of the hair as seen in the photos. The way the top of the hair is defined will depend on the style and preferences of each person.


Afro is a haircut that is no longer available for black children. It consists of a frizzy haircut, with a certain volume and a generally rounded shape.
This cut has evolved enormously with the passage of time, and as you can see from the photos, the modern Afro blends perfectly with a gradient in the temples, a very fashionable cut today, especially among the younger ones.

The gradient line – Fade

The gradient stripe is a very popular haircut for black and mestizo men, and is quite simple to achieve. From any cut, ask your hairdresser to make a nice line on the side and to accompany it with a gradient.
This haircut is still difficult to maintain, but it is still very popular and fashionable among black and mixed-race children.

The contours

The contours are the best finish for those who want to accentuate the structure of their face and add style to their hair. The contours perfectly define the edges of your hairstyle and add an extra dimension to your hairstyle. The contours enhance the face and forehead and can be applied to any haircut. You can do them yourself if you have a hair clipper at home or a razor, but be careful it is a very precise job that requires a minimum of experience.

Gradient curly hair

Curls with gradient hairstyles are common among black and mestizo men and are quite similar to those in the upper part. Looking at this style, you’ll notice a nice contrast between the clean, well trimmed gradient and the messy, curly top of the hair.
It’s an easy style to maintain because you can leave your hair untidy, you won’t need to trim it like another haircut.


FroHawk is the perfect haircut for men who want to enhance their natural hair. It’s an amazing, modern, eye-catching cut. It is inspired by the MoHawk hairstyle (the crest of the Iroquois), but in frizzy hair it becomes FroHawk.

Cute Pictures About Little Black Boys Haircuts

All kinds of haircuts for black boys. From long hair styles and design, here we show you the best images for the hairstyles of small black children.

Here are many styles, hairstyles and haircuts for little black boys. You can experiment and try with the child which hairstyle suits him best. Take advantage of these styles, and bring your child to be fashionable and modern.

▷ Little Black Boy Haircuts - The Best Modern Hairstyles (2024)


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