Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (2024)

Creative maps were the silent way to score you a boost of XP in Fortnite. However, the soft cap of daily XP farmed is now set at around 200,000. After capping at 200,000 XP from creative maps, earnings rapidly decline, limiting the exploit.

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To make getting to the next level easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best Fortnite XP maps. And who knows, you might be able to farm these XP maps on iOS, too, depending on what happens to that version of Fortnite!

The best XP maps in Fortnite

Sitting around gaining XP in one creative map will not be enough anymore. Instead, you need to sit around in multiple different XP maps in Fortnite.

Many Fortnite XP maps are made with secret passages and ways around to make it easy for players to gain XP. However, with the 200,000 cap and the daily dwindle of XP, it is harder to trudge through levels.

Check out the following list below if you’re looking for maps that can gain you some XP.


Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (1)
  • Map Code: 9369-6922-8408

Eliminating a wave of zombies always presents a load of fun! With the objective of slaying endless waves of Fortnite zombie hordes, you are always gaining massive amounts of XP, which qualifies this as one of the most lucrative XP maps in Fortnite!

Each zombie slain grants XP, so that means each wave will surely spike your levels. Start your zombie massacre with the Scythe weapon to slice down enemies in a multitude, dealing much damage and gaining fast XP. Once you get 1000 coins, find your way to the Goo Gun at the top right area of the map, activate the Blood Moon event, and watch your enemies fall as your XP rises.

Toys FFA

Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (2)
  • Map Code: 6650-3037-8378

This map is a recreation of a toy box mixed with the extremely popular Creative level, The Pit FFA. It uses some of the additional features from the recently released Creative 2.0, like loadouts and the ability to save your progress. You can earn experience by getting eliminations, with bonuses for getting multiple in quick succession.

This map doesn’t include building, so the actual fighting is pretty fast-paced, meaning you’ll need to bring your best to earn some battle pass levels. While it can be very much worth it, it counts among the tougher Fortnite XP maps.

Pro 1000

Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (3)
  • Map Code: 1125-3213-5406

This is one of the Fortnite XP maps made exclusively to cheese the XP function. When you start this map, jump out of the window nearby and take the stairs on your right. When you make it to the sitting area, there will be an option to claim 1000 gold coins from the sofa. Next, go downstairs and use the coins to open the door.

You’ll get XP from exploring the chamber, but that’s not what you’re looking for. Head to your right and see two buttons that let you open and close the door. Keep pressing these to get a lot of XP.

1v1 Build Mode

Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (4)
  • Map code: 0004-9661-9415

You don’t need weapons when using XP maps in Fortnite, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some if you want to take a break between farming XP. When the level starts, wait until everything opens, and you can jump down into the play area. Next, turn around and build a ramp back to where you started. Don’t go all the way up. Instead, stay a bit under, go to the back right corner of the room, and look at the corner. You’ll see a secret XP option that you can collect.

You’ll be sent back to the Lobby, so jump back down. From there, go to the Team 9 unit and run behind it. There will be another secret XP on the ground. It is possible to destroy beds here, but the XP won’t stop coming to you, so you can AFK to gain as much XP as you want.

Default Easy Deathrun

Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (5)
  • Map Code: 0079-0155-9164

Wait for the map to load, then run until you get to the wall with the number 5 on your left. At that point, find the button at the lower left corner and interact with it to activate XP gathering. Next, go back to the initial room and choose an island to play.

After you’re transported, run to the left corner of the room and jump on the screen. You’ll see the Timer button appear on your right. Activate it, then go into the arena and wait for the timer to disappear. After all this, you’ll need to do some relatively easy building, but instead of explaining it in detail, we’ll direct you to the YouTube video that shows you how it’s done. The video comes from the wolfiegonnadab channel, run by the map author, Wolfi.

Luckyy Red vs Blue

Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (6)
  • Map Code: 5173-6962-5566

This map is a tricky one as it takes some time to get what you want, but trust it is definitely one to come across if you have patience and want to level up fairly quickly. When you spawn in the Red vs Blue area, go to the poster on the wall that reads ‘Blue Pit’. Interact with the console to change your map destination. Enter in the code 7720-5704-5050V3.

Once this is done, wait a bit for the new map to start. It will spawn you in, and you will need to do a couple of tasks before you start to earn XP. Run out of the vaults and towards the Stop Sign across from the new spawn. From the square that the Stop Sign stands on, walk one square to your right and two squares up. Emote. You will know if you succeeded if you are able to crouch and interact with the Stop Sign’s pole. Once you interact, you will be spawned in a new area again and here is where the 15 minute wait starts.


Run around the area within those 15 minutes for an easy 30k XP

After 15 minutes have passed, enter in the console the number 346 and start AFK XP mode. Once this is done, you are now ready to earn XP. Shoot the enemies on the board with your gun and go around the map, searching walls and items for secret AFK XP deposits. There is even an AFK jumping mode you can enter that will keep you moving to gain more AFK XP.

With these Creative XP farming maps, you will not trudge through the Battle Pass but soar through it! If you’re not into completing missions or getting kills in the game is just not your thing, creative XP maps in Fortnite might be your way to go!

Make the most out of Fortnite XP maps!

Creative mode lets you advance in massive strides using Fortnite XP maps. If you’re looking for some serious XP gains, this will be your ultimate solution. But be aware that new and better XP maps in Fortnite can appear at any time, so you’ll need to stay vigilant.

Luckily, that’s why we’re here! Bookmark this article and come back every once in a while—you might find some fresh Fortnite XP maps to intensify the grind!

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Best XP maps in Fortnite | The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite (2024)


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