Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (2024)

There’s always a new Battle Pass to conquer in Fortnite. With pages of content to unlock, it can feel like an endless grind to make get that final cosmetic. That’s where my list of the best XP maps in Creative Mode comes in — so you can get more experience fast.

Top 10 Fortnite Creative Mode XP Maps

10. Metro Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (1)

Metro Prop Hunt is probably one of the most fun XP maps on this list, because who doesn’t love a prop hunt? I know I do. You’ll want to load in and collect the puzzle pieces scattered throughout the map to gain experience. They’re not easy to find, either, especially with Hunters roaming about. You can find one under the stairs where you spawn and another in the burger shop, but I’ll let you discover the rest.

9. Tilted Zone Wars

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (2)

Tilted Zone Wars brings you a battle royale experience in Tilted Towers but with delicious bonus XP. You’ll gain experience for simply playing the game and getting kills, as well as for interacting with all objects on the map. In a sense, it’s an XP bonanza that has the stuff around every corners. The last one standing wins, so be sure to get ready for an action-packed match.

8. The Pit – Free for All

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (3)

Everyone loves a good gunfight in Fortnite, and The Pit – Free for All is just that. It’s a deathmatch map that gives you XP for each kill, so it’s not only a great way to rack up experience and gain Battle Pass levels, but it’s great practice, too. You’ll load into an area with weapons to choose from, and a big pit to dive into when you’re ready for a fight. Jump in alone or with friends.

7. Zombieland

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (4)

With endless hordes of Zombies, Zombieland is a great way to net XP gains super fast. You can earn experience by completing in-game missions and challenge levels. There’s no PVP, so this mode is entirely PvE XP grind that can last as long as you want. It harkens back to the old days of Save the World in some ways (whatever happened to that anyway?).

6. Red Box PVP

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (5)

While Red Box PVP is great for practicing gunfights, it has a secret XP farming room, too. You’ll need to wait until around 10 minutes into the game for a light to turn on in the corner, then build a ramp into the opposite corner of the room to gain access to the secret area. After that, continue adventuring through the hidden areas for bonus XP.

5. Parkour Fun Run

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (6)

Parkour Fun Run is a deathrun map that features exciting parkour obstacles and achievements to hunt. It adds a little flavor to the other Creative Mode maps I’ve included on this list (and we’ve all seen how much fun different modes like LEGO and Rocket Racing can be in Fortnite). You’ll gain XP for your Battle Pass as you jump over obstacles and proceed through the course. This map has great replayability, too. Don’t want to fight other players? Just run this!

4. Go Goated Zone Wars

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (7)

A classic zone wars game, in Go Goated Zone Wars, you’ll battle against three other teams for supremacy. You can select your own team, so it’s great practice for the main BR mode. You’ll easily earn XP while playing and competing against other players. Of course, earn bonus XP for winning.

3. Variety Dropper

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (8)

Variety Dropper is a fun dropper deathrun game, where you’ll fall from the sky and avoid obstacles. Basically, the longer you fall, the more XP you gain. So, jump in and do your best to avoid the many objects you’ll see on the way down. It’s good practice for learning how to miss obstacles in Battle Royale, too.

2. OG 1v1 FFA Buildfights

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (9)

1v1 FFA Buildfights has a secret XP farm, so it’s great for the motivated player. To roll in the experience points, here’s what you need to do. Make sure it’s a private game, and load in. Then, head outside the weapon vault and grab the grappler. Grapple to the top of the weapon vault on the right.

Emote in the far right corner, and interact with the new “?” button. You’ll be transported to a secret area with a timer. Wait for the timer to finish then enter the code 765 to teleport to a new area. You’ll find XP buttons all across the yacht and you can continue to grind XP by locating all of the XP buttons.

1. LEGO Fortnite

Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (10)

Ok, you got me. While not technically a Creative XP map, LEGO mode is well worth the time if you want progress your Battle Pass quickly. You can earn 30,000 XP every 15 minutes AFK. For instance, I earned 5 battle stars in about 15 minutes. So, it’s easy to leave your little minifigure in Sandbox mode to farm XP for you while you’re away. XP earnings cap at around 400k XP after three hours.

That’s my list of the best XP maps in creative mode Fortnite. For fans of the Battle Royale, we’ve got plenty more lists for you to discover, like best Guess Who maps and best LEGO Fortnite weapons at our guides hub here.

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Best Fortnite XP Maps in Creative Mode Ranked (2024)


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