Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (2024)


  • Fortnite provides you with a variety of ways to earn XP using creator-made maps.
  • Some have a more cooperative element to their gameplay, like Murder Mystery or Zombieland.
  • And if you'd rather focus on the platforming side of Fortnite, there are even map codes that let you run through parkour challenges for XP boosts.

With the release of another Fortnite battle pass, everyone is rushing to earn as much XP as possible to quickly reach the final tiers. While playing the regular game modes and completing weekly quests certainly help you rank up your battle pass, you may be looking for something that generates even more XP.


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Luckily, creator-made experiences can also generate XP while you're playing, with some maps awarding more XP than others. If you are looking for the best maps in Fortnite for battle pass XP, then check out the list below.

Currently, there is a daily cap of 200,000 XP that can be earned from creator-made maps in Fortnite. While you will still earn XP after reaching this daily limit, the XP you receive will be severely limited until the next day.

8 1v1 Build Fights

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (2)
  • Island Code: 1832-0431-4852

This particular island allows you to battle against just a single player, truly putting your skills as a combatant and builder to the test. On most build battle maps, there is a central starting area where you and your opponent begin facing away from each other.

Once the fight begins, you are free to build and shoot wherever you want, and the fight continues until either you or your opponent are victorious. The best way to earn XP on this map is to eliminate another player, so you may not want to play if you are not confident in your ability to win.

7 Tilted Zone Wars

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (3)
  • Island Code: 3729-0643-9775

Inspired by the famous Tilted Tower POI, the Tilted Zone Wars map is themed around this classic Fortnite city. Specifically, Zone Wars is essentially a smaller version of the classic battle royale game mode, where you play inside a small square instead of an entire map.

As you spawn with a team of players, you'll have to quickly build and move around this small courtyard as the storm closes in. The best way to earn XP in this creator-made experience is to eliminate other players, similar to a build battle.

6 Murder Mystery

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (4)
  • Island Code: 5253-8468-3364

The Murder Mystery map is a classic game mode, stemming from the original Gary's Mod map and even inspiring games like Among Us. While playing this map, you will be classified as a Civilian, a Detective, or a Murderer at the start of every round.

While Civilians are meant to run around the map and survive, the Murderer has to secretly take out each player without getting caught, and the Detective is equipped with a pistol that can instantly defeat the Murderer. To earn XP on this map, simply spend time playing the game, win rounds, or eliminate players while you are the Murderer.

5 The Pit Free For All

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (5)
  • Island Code: 4590-4493-7113

The Pit Free For All is yet another custom game mode where you defeat other players for XP. In this instance, this map spawns you in a massive room filled with different weapons, healing items, and other supplies.


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At the very center of the room is a massive pit that leads into an arena where combat is enabled. Within this room, you are free to build whatever structures you want, and if you happen to die, then you will instantly respawn back at the top of the map.

4 Gun Game

  • Island Code: 1032-2690-5714

If you think you are an excellent shot with any weapon, then the Gun Game is the perfect way to earn XP and show off your skills. This game mode is a classic deathmatch, where you run around defeating other players to earn XP.

However, whenever you secure a kill in this game mode, your weapon will randomly change into a completely new gun. This process will repeat every time you kill an enemy, until someone in the lobby fully completes the list of weapons.

3 Zombieland

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (8)
  • Island Code: 9369-6922-8408

If you are tired of fighting against other players for XP, then the Zombieland map is the perfect fit for you. This particular game mode is PvE, meaning that you and your fellow players will be fighting against the environment, or in this case, a horde of zombies.

Any time you kill a zombie, you will receive a small amount of XP as well as in-game currency that is only available within Zombieland. You can then use this currency to upgrade your weapons, thus killing zombies faster and earning even more XP.

2 Crazyy Red Vs Blue

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (9)
  • Island Code: 2898-7886-8847

If you are not interested in defeating players alone, then the Crazyy Red Vs Blue map allows you to earn XP alongside a coordinated team of many players. In this map, you choose between the red and blue sides, and each team immediately has access to powerful weapons.

To earn XP points, you must defeat members of the opposite team with whatever weapons you have chosen. Luckily, if an enemy happens to take you out, your character will quickly respawn on your team's side of the map, so you can continue to farm XP without having to wait.

1 Default Parkour 425+

Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (10)
  • Island Code: 9265-0145-5540

What makes the Default Parkour map such a successful XP grinding map is the accessibility of the challenge. Instead of eliminating enemy players for XP, you simply have to run through different parkour challenges and collect gold coins.

Each time you pick up a coin, you will earn a small boost of XP, thus helping you complete your battle pass. Furthermore, the more time you spend on this map the more XP you will gain, so it is perfect that this particular parkour map has over 425 courses.


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Best Fortnite Maps For Earning XP And Leveling Up Quickly (2024)


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